Parents of kids who love baseball

As parents of kids who love baseball we are often faced with the dilemma of choosing the best batting gloves. This is because there are many brands like mizuno batting gloves, rawlings batting gloves, Neumann batting gloves. Another dilemma is the batting gloves sizing for the kids especially when buying online. Let me elaborate on this further on.


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My son loves baseball like it’s the best thing ever discovered after apple pie. This wasn’t the case before as he used to like watching more tv and sleeping. When I got concerned about this inactivity as I was sure down the road it was going to affect his health, I talked to him about choosing a more active sport.  Initially I though he was going to settle for basketball since his uncle is a renown basketball player with many meddles in his belt. So I was surprised when I saw that he was keen on choosing baseball, naturally by first watching more and more games on the TV.


So one day he came to me after practice and asked a rather interesting question about the gear. He asked, what is the importance of using batting gloves when playing baseball? Is it as relevant especially when using aluminum bats that have rubber handles or is it more of aesthetics rather than functional. With my usual pride, I simply told him to relax from the game then well discuss the issue.  Thus I needed to do my research A.s.a.p. on the fundamental question that are batting gloves important. I found this useful site which shocked me because it dedicated to batting gloves only and covering the different aspects of the attire.

Armed with this kind of information, I was able to sit down with my son over a glass of lemonade and delve into his new found passion. It’s really heartwarming whenever a child is into something positive.  They seem to show genuine care and concern. Many parents always worry what their kids are up to and one will pride themselves when they don’t share the same concern.