Importance of batting gloves -choosing best batting gloves

Most people initially regarded the baseball batting gloves as not important and in some cases regarded them to just fashion statement. This was particularly common especially as most metal bats now have grips as this helps in the holding grip and also soaking up of the pain. This is further from the truth as the role played by batting gloves far exceeds that of just ornamental. When one is playing, he needs all the necessary edge to enable him to play and win the game as baseball is a very competitive game. A simple slip can coast the team a great deal not considering the hands protection. Batting gloves provide the needed grip when batting enabling the player to maximize his hits. Also considering the combination of sweat and dirt on the hands causes the grip to deteriorate and the gloves are the best solution for this.


It also offers protection to the hand. When playing baseball, the hands are the ones that are most prone injury and most players refer to their hands as their money makers. It’s a no brainer then that the hand should be protected when playing to prevent unwarranted injuries. The pain can result for vibration from the bat when hitting or having a mistimed shot.

There are a wide variety of batting gloves nowadays and this can be quite confusing for the first time. Knowing how to choose the best batting gloves is often a daunting task. However there are several important factors that someone can check when choosing the right glove. First is the material type used to construct the gloves? Usually it’s a choice between leather and synthetic. Leather is usually preferred because of the natural grip that it provides though this is an expensive option that the synthetic. Hence typically you will find a mixture of both synthetic and leather for the gloves with leather found at the palm while synthetic covering the other areas. To increase breathability of the gloves, the top part is made of mesh and also preferably a light weight padding which offers needed protection. The thumb should be articulate enough as this will prevent tear during use.

Finding the right size for the gloves is also important as it ensures comfort of the hands and also determines the durability of the gloves. Therefore when buying the gloves its important to try on the glove beforehand. Though this might not be feasible at all times, one can learn there sizing by measuring using a tape measure and comparing in the glove sizing charts.