Homeophatic remedies for Atheletes

Baseball like any sport always lead to injuries and this occasionally sidelines the sportsman from time to time. However what most people don’t know is that homeopathic remedies are actually useful and can speed up the recovery after injury. This however does not disparage the common remedies for sports injuries like ice, rest compression and elevation. But for even better results it’s without a doubt that one can augment the healing with the homeopathic remedies. During injury the body is usually off track because it doesn’t function as usual. During healing the body tries to bring things back to normal for instance by replacing the damaged cells.

It’s not well known how homeopathic remedies work to aid in healing. However it has been well observed that individuals who use the homeopathic remedies do tend to heal faster than most.

Arnica_Montana flower


One of the most common types of homeopathic medicines is the Arnica Montana from leopard’s bane. It’s common to see moms taking them to playground so as to treat the children from injuries due to falling from monkey bars. During traumatic football matches, coaches do get them out of the first aid kits. Following a trauma, it’s the first remedy to take and it comes in form of liquid, pills and ointment forms. Some fans have spotted some member of European soccer during the France World sprinkle some pills into their mouths. This arnica pills are perfectly legal and the player was simply doing this so as to recover faster and be in good form for their next matches. Arnica has been known to be useful in aiding tissue regeneration thus suitable for treating injuries such as bruising, contusions, sprains and pulled tendons. It has also been used in treating stings caused by gnats.

When ingested arnica aids in controlling of bleeding and helps healing of damaged tissues. For this reason most plastic surgeons recommends the taking of this herb before and after the plastic surgery. Some people have also been helped to settle down following emotional shock or physical injury. Thus if you have a child who is reluctant to return to the baseball pitch after being bowed by another player, taking some arnica would definitely help.