Enjoying a jungle juice while watching baseball game

Baseball is no doubt an interesting game.  But there are always ways to make it even more fun especially if you like to enjoy your beer ones in a while. One ingenious way is to involve a drinking game of which the rules reward or punish by guess what .. drinking more. There are many such games “invented” by the drinking gurus such as basketball drinking, wrestling drinking and so on . Its not difficult to see drinking is an easy match for any sport maybe this is a contributor for hooliganism in most sports. For instance there is always unruly crowds or fans whose “energy” can only be fueled by a drink or two during the game which has been sneaked into the stadium. A sample of the rules for the baseball drinking game is as follows:

First get your cool best batting gloves on , if you don’t know where to find one go to this site which has load of informative reviews.

Aurora jungle juice


jungle juice with baseball


Single   – One shot

Double- Two shot

Triple  – Three shot

Grand slam- Enjoy 2 beers

Home run – Four shots

Out- One per

Run – One shot

Foul Out- Two shots

An interesting drink which can add even more joy and twist in the games is jungle juice.This is usually preffered because its meant to be consumed by a group and as most people, no one prefferers to watch a match alone. Jungle juice is made by using a mixture of liquour such as everclear, rum, vodka, tequila or gin with fruits such as pineapples, oranges or grapes. For various jungle juice receipes, check out this website. I found it particularly useful when developing my own original mix of jungle juice. I was particularly impressed by the watermelon jungle juice.

Now go ahead and enjoy the match while sipping the drink:

You can also have one drink for An RBI, A base hit, A bunt by a player or a An Umpire blown Call.